About Us

We are Purple Rainbow, but just who are Purple Rainbow? We are Mark and Darren Hallbury and we have been a couple since 2011 and happily married since 2013.  We have a great sense of humour with a very cheeky side and this is can be seen in our clothing designs.  We both have over 25 years together working in the fashion and clothing industry.

We created Purple Rainbow on the back if our very successful gay bear themed t-shirt venture which was purchased in July 2017 by an international outlet.  Having proved that we had the ability to create a trending brand we had also noticed that while attending various pride events up and down the UK that there was a huge potential and opportunity being missed when it came to catering for our other LGBT+ friends and family.  Having lovingly enjoyed our previous venture we set about setting up Purple Rainbow almost instantly and knew exactly what we were going do and who we needed to be catering for.

We also wanted to broaden our horizons and learn new skills seeing as we are a couple that likes challenges we thought what can we do?  So we have spent the last 12 months learning a range of craft skills that would enable us to bring an even more of a diverse range of LGBT+ merchandise to our business.  We have mastered these to a fine art and will be learning even more in the future to bring even more fashionable and stylish merchandise to our business.